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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070411

Attendees: Harald, Ariel, Jie, Kasia, Mariusz, Mateusz, Martin, Christof, Sylva, Thomas, Harald G., Nicholas, Markus, George

Technical demonstration

The developers reported shortly about the status without any presentation.


  • Nothing new from LINZ
  • He looks for folder creations


  • tried to run g-Eclipse in 3.3M6 milestone. A few issues arose. He submitted the issues as bugs. He supposed the patches, some needs to be fixed by others. But the migration to the Europa release seems to be smooth. The question arose how we will deal with the two Eclipse versions? We need a simple and easy procedure!


  • He started on monitoring tool


  • Continued with the Properties views


  • Tries to run VTK (visualisation kernel) from g-Eclipse. But the plugin was not committed yet.


  • Work on staging and remote debugging, presentation next week


  • Committed the implementation for searching services as computing elements, problems with the general architecture for integration


  • Works on the JSDL editor, facing problems with reloading when the JSDL is edited by an external editor.


  • remains silent. Means he continues with the data tools.


  • Works on Job submission and job monitoring! 06:40, 18 April 2007 (EDT)

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