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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070404

Attendees: Ariel, Jie, Manfred, Mathias, Kasia, Mariusz, Mateusz, Martin, Christof, Sylva, Thomas, Harald G., Nicholas, Markus

Technical demonstration

  • Mateusz has shown the browsing and downloading capabilities with SRM. It is already possible to remotely open a file for editing.
  • Kasia presented the implementation of an extension point with which it is possible to plug in new wizard pages into the grid job wizard with the help of a XML-file. A discussion started concerning with what this XML-file should be linked (at the moment it is linked to the posix application name). It was decided that Kasia has to start a discussion with Pawel and Nicholas.

Review of bugzilla items, milestone planning

  • Kasia plans to fully implement the extension point mechanism for the job wizard and wants to add more pages to this wizard (i.e. resource requirements).
  • Mateusz wants to finish the basic SRM implementation and to enhance the GridFTP implementation. Therefore the architecture of GridFTP and SRM have to be changed in order to allow properties and preferences (linked to the corresponding UI-elements).
  • Mariusz intends to have properties for all Grid model elements for the properties view. Furthermore he will continue the work on the job details view and the related job status implementation.
  • Pawel plans to have an implementation for Grid job which stores information about job ID, job status and job description in a job directory. Furthermore he wants to implement a job decorator and a working API for reading jobs from L&B (without UI integration yet).
  • Martin wants to come up with a first version of the process monitoring tool.
  • Ashish is going for a first implementation of the workflow management.
  • Sylva plans to integrate the VTK isosurface extraction capability into the g-Eclipse VTK view.
  • Nicholas wants to finish the implementation of the multi pages for the JSDL editor. Furthermore the update mechanism will be fixed in order to represent changes in the text editor in the multi pages and vice versa.
  • Harald G. is going for an implementation of a graphical representation of the queuing system of CEs.
  • Mathias wants to implement Drag’n’Drop for the g-Eclipse model views concerning Eclipse internal DND operations. Furthermore the error reporting mechanism will be improved.

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