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Minutes g-Eclipse 20070328

Attendees: Pawel, Katarzyna, Mateusz, Thomas, Martin, Mathias, Ashish, Sylva, Christof, Emilia, Harald, Mariusz, Markus

Review of bugzilla items, milestone planning

  • The team will put all plan-items from the MilestonePlanning document into Bugzilla - most of the partners did that already for the 0.5.0 milestones. The bugs should contain the 'plan' keyword, the description should start with '[plan]'. The team agreed to use the Bugzilla system as a basis for future planning.
  • All open bugs for 0.5.0 M2 were reviewed, some of them could be closed, others had to be moved. All bugs that are still open in M2 must be moved to M3 during the next week.
    • Closed or resolved bugs:
      • 170166 Error Dialog on jobsubmission being not helpful
      • 170169 Connections should be removable from gExplorer
      • 170492 Proxy Authentication info in Network Setup
      • 170614 The top folders in the Grid Project View should not be deletable?
      • 170749 Pull down menu in the Grid Project tree is not content sensitive
      • 172007 View crashes when malformed data in .name.fs files
      • 176939 Security leak: tokens get created with insecure permissions
      • 178494 GridJobDetailsView as multiview - 1st version with general section
      • 178516 GridJobDetailsView with details labels
      • 178539 Remove dependencies to the com.ice.tar plugin
      • 178977 add execution environment information to bundle manifest
      • 179278 Add pages and elements to the JSDL Multi-page Editor
      • 179667 [plan] - First implementation of VOMS proxy
      • 179707 Extended IGridJobDescription
      • 179708 Properties view - 1st version using standard eclipse prop-view
      • 179784 set Eclipse-BuddyPolicy on all plug-ins with external jar libraries
    • Moved to later milestones:
      • 170462 GridFTP available in Connection Wizard though the related plugin is not loaded
      • 171137 problems with opening gridftp server from linux
      • 174627 Add a GridFTP preferences page.
      • 174630 GridFTP plugin has a hardcoded TCP port range.
      • 174634 Remove VO server certificate URL text field from the "Create a new VO" wizard.
      • 178760 The Copy/Paste mechanism does not work anymore.
      • 178762 Deleting files does not work
    • Still open plan items:
      • 179010 Have an Editor for drawing and saving workflows in g-Eclipse
      • 179462 JSDL Editor Initial Implementation
      • 179466 JSDL Editor UI Enchancement
      • 179521 Benchmarking and Testing (GIB)
    • Still open bugs:
      • 170170 Please use better icons for switching between information sources
      • 170171 GlueInfoViewer tries to load serialized data from hardcoded path
      • 170302 Problem with Update page
      • 173643 Grid job wizard - inconsitency in first wizard page
      • 174145 gLite job-submission only requests a grid-proxy instead of voms-proxy failing submission
      • 175501 unnecassary exception from info view

Technical discussion

  • Mariusz presented the Grid job details that are now shown in the regular Eclipse Properties View. He started a discussion about how to obtain the properties from the core model; the progress on that can be found in the newsgroup Consider: how do obtain properties from core model? and in Bugzilla 179927.

--Mknauer.innoopract.com 07:25, 30 March 2007 (EDT)