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This page lists what to do when a breaking change is introduced in a MicroProfile Specification.

What is a breaking change

Breaking changes mean backward incompatible changes, e.g. an API method was deleted or modified, etc. With a breaking change, microservices developed using the old version of an API will cease to compile or result in behaviour changes.

How can I handle the breaking change

If a breaking change is introduced in a MP spec, a subsection within the release note must document what the breaking changes are, and what the migration path is.

It's up to individual specifications to determine if they want to provide a solution for reverting to the behaviour of the previous version.

For an instance, MicroProfile Metrics 2.0 changes @Counted(monotonic=true) to be @Counted, while the previous old behaviour of @Counted can be achieved via '@ConcurrentGauge`.

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