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MemoryAnalyzer/Building MAT With Tycho


This page describes how Memory Analyzer can be built using Maven/Tycho. The build will

  • build all bundles and features
  • execute all tests
  • (optional) run FindBugs static checks
  • produce a p2 repository with MAT features
  • produce RCPs for different platforms
  • sign and upload the produced artifacts (when executed on the Eclipse Hudson server)



MAT sources are in a Git repository, therefore you need a git client.

Maven Installation

The Memory Analyzer build requires a Maven 3.0.* installation. It is already present on the Hudson server at Eclipse. For local build one can download it from here.

Proxy Settings

If you need to set a proxy for Maven, a snippet like this can be added to the Maven settings file:


More information on Maven settings: http://maven.apache.org/ref/3.0.3/maven-settings/settings.html

Checkout MAT Sources from Git

Have a look at MemoryAnalyzer/Contributor_Reference#Get the source

Building MAT

Execute the build

  • Open a console and go into the <mat_src>/parent folder (there is the parent pom.xml)
  • To build MAT execute
mvn clean install
  • To build MAT and perform FindBugs checks execute
mvn clean install findbugs:findbugs

Where to find the results?

You can find the results of the build in the corresponding .../target/ directories for each plugin, feature, etc... Of particular interest are:

  • <mat_src>/org.eclipse.mat.updatesite/target/site/ - it contains a p2 repository with MAT features
  • <mat_src>/org.eclipse.mat.product/target/products/ - it contains all standalone RCP applications

Further Information

  • The platforms for which RCPs are built are specified in the <mat_src>/parent/pom.xml file

Known Problems

Wrong file permissions

When building MAT on a Windows box, the RCPs for any other OS will not have the proper permissions (e.g. the executables won't have the x flag). Building under Linux or other non-Windows OS helps.

Hudson Job at Eclipse

The job at the Eclise Hudson server that performs this build is https://hudson.eclipse.org/mat/.

The job is configured to sign the plugins and features in the update site, and to upload all artifacts to the download server. One can download such nightly/snapshot builds here: http://www.eclipse.org/mat/snapshotBuilds.php

Info: Signing is activated by the build-server profile (i.e. with parameter '-P build-server' added to the maven command)