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RSM to TOPCASED transformation

This transformation is an extract of a Topcased import process that allows to transform RSM diagrams in a the Topcased formalism. Normally, this process is done in three distinct parts which are :

  • a preprocessing step done in Java
  • an ATL transformation
  • a postprocessing step done in Java

Here only the second part is presented and isolated to be tested for the ATL benchmark.

To get more information about this topic, a full presentation can be found here : [1]. Currently only the class diagrams and usecase diagrams are processed in this version.

  • Name of the Input Metamodel : RSM.ecore
  • Name of the Output metamodel : Topcased.ecore
  • Name of the Input model : Topcased.rsm
  • Name of the Output model : Topcased.umldi

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