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LocationTech/June19 2012

This meeting is for those interested in the Location Industry Working group forming at Eclipse.

Time and Location

Thursday June 19, @ 4pm EDT

See the conference bridge details


This is a meeting for those interested in the LocationTech Industry Working Group forming at Eclipse.

  • SPECIAL GOOD NEWS: The Eclipse Foundation board has approved the proposal for the location working group today. The proposal included resolutions regarding hosting projects using MIT & BSD licenses. Select LGPL components can be redistributed (but not hosted). EPL remains the default and recommended license.
  • Quick row call - See attendance for details.
  • Stepped through Charter. Feedback/ suggested changes:
    • Merge some of the core domain language from the landing page to the charter as it's a bit more clear. [COMPLETED]
    • We may decide to segment the architecture and other committees by core domains in time as the group grows. For now we can lump them together as 1 architecture committee, 1 brand/marketing committee, etc. [no action]
    • Take an initial stab at the number of seats & equation for the various committees/boards [COMPLETED]
    • Be consistent about Steering Committee/Strategic and Solution/Participant [COMPLETED]
    • Need to fix the text on certification, aiming at curating & managing incubation/maturity in this group [COMPLETED]
    • The group was interested in more details on LTS. Quick feeling was it represents good value and is desirable to include. [COMPLETED, Andrew will share LTS info.]
    • Add details of how votes are run, how the charter can be changed [COMPLETED]
    • Consider elected committers to SC, arch, etc. [COMPLETED]
  • Introduction to PDAL - Michael Gerlek <= bad luck had his phone die on him, we'll have to reschedule his session *again*.
  • Naming proposal will be shared soon.
  • Discussions have revealed the core domains which is enough to proceed. We'll do a survey once we get going.
  • Next Steps to launch
    • We agreed to a deadline of Friday, June 22nd to review & approve the charter. +1's on the mailing list please
    • After which we'll announce it & the 30 day review period starts.
    • Based on the above, tentatively aiming for mid-August to launch.


The following people attended:

  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Xavier Lopez - Oracle
  • Dave McIlhagga - DM Solutions Group
  • Craig Statchuk - IBM
  • Geoff Zeiss - Autodesk
  • Angela Demke Brown - University of Toronto
  • Michael Gerlek - Independent consultant & member of OSGeo board
  • Phil Bogden - RadiantBlue
  • Jody Garnett - uDig & OSGeo member
  • Thierry Badard - Spatialytics

There were a couple of beeps I didn't catch. If I missed you, please let me know & I'll update the list.

Regrets sent

  • Tyler Mitchell - Actian
  • Daniel Morissette - Mapgears & member of OSGeo board
  • Chris Holmes, Eddie Pickle - OpenGeo


  • Ahmed Abukhater - Pitney Bowes
  • Heather Leson - Ushahidi
  • Mark Iliffe - World Bank

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