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LocationTech/April 2012

Time and Location

Thursday April 19, @ 1pm EDT

See the conference bridge details


This is a meeting for those interested in the LocationTech industry working group forming at Eclipse.

  • Quick row call - All
  • Meeting details at Location Intelligence
  • OSGeo/Eclipse Location IWG collaboration - Andrew Ross/Dave McIlhagga
  • Technology interest matrix - Dave McIlhagga/Andrew Ross
  • Lead projects
    • uDig
    • Jackpine
    • GeoScript
    • handful of other candidates in progress
  • Next Steps/ Next month's call


The following people attended:

  • Andrew Ross, Mike Milinkovich - Eclipse Foundation
  • Xavier Lopez - Oracle
  • Dave McIlhagga, Paul Spencer - DM Solutions Group
  • Craig Statchuk - IBM
  • Geoff Zeiss - Autodesk
  • Angela Demke Brown - University of Toronto
  • Thierry Badard - Spatialytics
  • Heather Leson - Ushahidi
  • Daniel Morissette - Mapgears & member of OSGeo board
  • Michael Gerlek - Independent consultant & member of OSGeo board


  • Tyler Mitchell - Actian
  • Justin Lokitz - Autodesk
  • Chris Holmes, Eddie Pickle - OpenGeo


  • Row call. See the attendance above.
  • Brief introduction from newcomers: Thierry & Spatialytics, Heather & Ushahidi, Michael;Daniel & OSGeo
  • Details shared for May face to face meeting ACTION: Andrew to reach out to everyone to see who's planning on coming.
  • Michael, Daniel, Dave, and Andrew spoke of OSGeo & Eclipse Location IWG collaboration
    • Strong desire to join forces/not compete for the same resources
    • Recognition that OSGeo community, local chapter meetings, conference, and project contributions are working very well.
    • It was felt the Eclipse model to encourage business engagement & Eclipse professional staff should help address a missing piece for open source location technology.
    • It's worth noting so it doesn't get lost that on the community front that Eclipse has 220+ community projects, 42M+ lines of code, and 1K committers.
    • Comment that some aspects of OSGeo fit very nicely with Eclipse & the Location IWG. Others likely don't need that level of assistance.
    • Craig commented that these efforts to collaborate and ensure open source location technologies are palatable to big companies are very much appreciated.
    • Mike shared experience how an extensible platform (the Eclipse platform) helped organize and encourage re-use of Eclipse technologies. Similar may benefit location technologies.
    • Dave noted the parts are there in general, and standards have enabled high degrees of interoperability
    • Michael noted there are 3 distributions that aim in this direction: the OSGeo live image, OSGeo4W, and the OpenGeo suite
  • Dave outlined his idea re: technology interest matrix. In short, each participant in the IWG +1 or 0, or -1's each item in a list of technologies. These technologies can be existing open source projects or features/capabilities that don't yet exist. This should help our SC decide on initial focus areas.
    • As an approach, Andrew suggested a survey. ACTION: Everyone. Please send your technology interest to Andrew for inclusion to the survey. We'll review the master list using the wiki and then vote on them via. a survey.
    • Craig gave an example using Google maps of how important/crucial features are the key here. Also noted an interest in providing data.
    • The team expressed interest in a release/distribution of software providing features on-par with what users expect from Google Maps.
    • Discussion indicated strong interest in relationships with data-providing organizations and especially OpenStreetMap.
    • Mike asked whether a platform, or software as a service (SAS) was what participants were interested in. Eclipse has much experience in developing & shipping a platform. It's just getting into providing SAS (aside from development services which it has considerable expertise in)

Next steps

  • Face to face meeting in May in Washington D.C.
  • Technology interest matrix & survey as described above
  • Andrew to create a draft charter to start iterating with the team
  • uDig, Jackpine, and GeoScript will be starting the project application process
  • Andrew's looking for another project or two for the launch. Talking to an imaging company who has a hadoop based geo data cruncher. More soon.
  • IBM & Oracle will be our Strategic members initiating the IWG as per our IWG process.
  • Craig & Xavier have tentatively offered to be the inaugural co-chairs of the IWG. As per the process, they must come from Strategic members. ACTION: Andrew to book a call with Xavier & Craig to talk about what the chair's role involves so each can confirm. If anyone wants to contribute to or participate in this discussion, contact Andrew.
  • Andrew will start the membership process soon for new companies.
  • Continue working on a proposal for collaboration with OSGeo

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