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Linux Tools Project/News/NewIn42

Docker Tooling

Run Image Launch Configuration

Creating a Container from an Image can now be done via a launch configuration. This is useful when you want to try tweaking a previous run for various reasons (e.g. binding in new volumes or changing command parameters, etc..)


Docker Machine Support

Docker Machine is now supported for the creation of a new connection. Simply click the "Search" button and you will be prompted to select an active Docker Machine connection, if one exists.


TM Terminal Support for Interactive Shells

Containers created with a pseudo TTY allocated (-t) will open within a TM Terminal. This is much more fully featured interaction when compared with the previous standard console.


Vagrant Tooling

The Eclipse Vagrant Tooling is new in this release. It allows interaction with Vagrant boxes and virtual machines.

Man Pages

Man pages may now be browsed and searched for directly from the Eclipse Help Center.


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