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Linux Packaging Tasks

This page contains a list of packaging tasks need some love. Feel free to add tasks for your own distro, creating common tasks where appropriate.


  • specfile template generator application. Andrew Overholt has started working on this but if you would like to help, feel free to contact him.
  • update package build for 3.2 and see if we can automatically build native code with it. Ben Konrath is planning to do this but feel free to contact him if you'd like to help.
  • build cairo JNI bits
    • see this patch we carried in Fedora Core 5
    • we think the above patch may be an incorrect approach for getting it upstream, but it's a starting point
  • Investigate support for building native code as part of
    • see patches in
    • also, see Ben's proposed solution (which may need some updating) here
    • example: right now in Fedora, we carry a patch to build liblocalfile and libupdate in the main SDK build.xml
      • Fedora carries two patches to build libupdate on all platforms and with -fPIC. These patches 1, 2 should be submitted to the update team.
  • get rid of cyclic build dependency between icu4j Eclipse plugins and the Eclipse SDK
    • need to file bug
  • Ben: update and submit package build for upstream inclusion
  • investigate building of swttools.jar during SDK build
  • investigate building of launcher. Why unzip This makes us have to unzip, patch, and re-zip.
  • conventions for tagging distribution specific bug reports

Fedora Eclipse

  • Fix the various TODOs on the FHS_Compliant_Packages page
    • Fix bug #162798
    • It would be nice if the launcher source zip could be removed from org.eclipse.platform.source_3.2.1 or the patch could be made in such a way that it would not produce arch-dependent source code. This might not be possible.
    • Investigate why the resources in the icu4j plugin are generated differently on different architectures. If the icu4j build is removed from the Eclipse package and Eclipse merely requires the icu4j plugins, this shouldn't be a problem anymore.
    • Investigate why the HTML is generated differently on different architectures by gjdoc in org.eclipse.platform.doc.isv_3.2.1.
    • Investigate why WEB-INF/web.xml is generated differently on different architectures in
  • Investigate for getEnv changes in the JDK.
  • Investigate why Fedora doesn't build ant-apache-bsf. When it does, add it to the BuildRequires and symlink sections.
  • Move the OSGi-ified jsch manifest to the jsch jar. Will upstream take this?

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