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Koneki/LDT/Developer Area/Restructuring Review

LDT Restructuring Review


Moving Lua Developement Tools outside Koneki as a new project.

Why ?

Koneki project purpose is to gather tooling around M2M technologies. We planned to make some embedded developing tools in Lua especially for the Mihini project. Our efforts on the Lua part are now rewarded as the Lua IDE is currently mature and can be considered as a product on its own. That's why it seems logical to separate pure Lua tooling from M2M related work as LDT can be used for any Lua developments and not only in the M2M scope.

Continuation of Koneki

Koneki will keep OMA-dm simulator and Mihini tooling. Theses two projects do not have explicit committers as I am writing. We plan to ask the M2M community for contributors or committers or if another project is interested to take one of them under his umbrella. Until a valid opportunity occurs, project's maintenance and management will be conducted by current committers. When this review will be accepted, we will annonce the Restructuring on the Koneki forum and mailing list. As the team do not consider remaining Koneki code mature enough, Koneki should be re-taged as Incubator project.

The new "Lua Development Tools" Project

  • Name : "Lua Development Tools (LDT)"
  • Top project : "Tools"
  • Description : The main goal of this project will be to provide tooling for the Lua language on the Eclipse platform. It will include the Lua IDE and tools to support development life cycle including functionality such as developing, documenting, debugging and testing with Lua. The project is also open to any Lua code analysis tools in order to generate metrics or try to predict bugs.
  • Initial set: The project will be initialized with the Lua Development Tool IDE and the Metalua (Lua AST generator) source code and resources from Koneki.
  • Deliveries: The project will deliver a standalone product including the Lua IDE and will contribute to Eclipse release train.
  • Dependencies: The project will be based on DLTK and RSE (for the "Remote Development" feature).

Resources to move in the new project


Koneki commiters to affect to the LDT project:

  • Simon Bernard (lead),
  • Kevin Kin-foo,
  • Marc Aubry,
  • Fabien Fleutot,
  • Julien Desgat.


Repository to move in the new project:


CQs third party CQ to move under the LDT project

other CQs concerning only LDT project

CQs to keep in Koneki project

The others CQs not present in the 2 previous lists must stay in koneki project.

Koneki CQs request


As LDT is the main subject on the Koneki forum, we would like to keep its whole content (except the topics below) into the LDT project one without breaking links to existing topics.

Topics to keep in Koneki forum (links could be break):


Move Koneki bugs for the components "LuaTools" and "Metalua" into the LDT project.


Move Wiki pages under koneki/LDT to the new project wiki root. The old urls should redirect to the new ones.

Download files

Following folders have to be moved in the new project:

  • downloads/koneki/products/milestones/ldt
  • downloads/koneki/products/stable/ldt
  • downloads/koneki/releases/milestones/ldt
  • downloads/koneki/releases/stable/ldt
  • downloads/koneki/updates-nightly/ldt/
  • downloads/koneki/updates-nightly-maintenance/ldt
  • downloads/koneki/luadocumentor
  • archive.eclipse.org/koneki/products/milestones/ldt
  • archive.eclipse.org/koneki/products/stable/ldt
  • archive.eclipse.org/koneki/releases/milestones/ldt
  • archive.eclipse.org/koneki/releases/stable/ldt

Hudson jobs

Following builds have to be renamed:

  • koneki-ldt => ldt
  • koneki-ldt-maintenance => ldt-maintenance


Website restructuring can be made by the team itself. The main work will be to move the Koneki LDT website page to the LDT project main page.

Location of the approved IP Log

The approved IPLog for the last release can be found here : https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/attachment.cgi?id=239143