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Jetty 7 and Jetty 8 are now EOL (End of Life)

All development and stable releases are being performed with Jetty 9.
This wiki is now officially out of date and all content has been moved to the Jetty Documentation Hub

Direct Link to updated documentation:

The Jetty HttpClient is the Jetty component that allows to make requests to HTTP servers and to interpret responses from HTTP servers.


The Jetty HttpClient has the following features:

  • Asynchronous by nature, with possibility to use it synchronously.
  • Choice of using non-blocking connectors (the default) or blocking connectors.
  • Support for SSL.
  • Support for HTTP proxy.
  • Support for HTTP authentication mechanisms.
  • Highly configurable in terms of timeouts, connections and thread pooling.

You may want to check the HttpClient Tutorial for further information and examples.

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