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This document describes the Intelectual Property Log for the project Java Workflow Tooling according to the guidelines.


This is an old version of the IP log. Since there is now an automatically generated version provided by Eclipse at , this will probably no longer be used in the future!


Committers of this project are

  • flautenba
  • csaad
  • mdutoo
  • mistria

Inactive are currently:

  • cseitz

Developer Contributions

  • component,bug_id,contributor's name,contribution,size,committer,short_desc
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201172,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,zoom in toolbar doesn't always work correctly
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201184,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,objects can only be added from the palette to the scope in the newest tab
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201187,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,insert new workflow into workspace if created with wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201190,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,convert sample processes to new format
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201191,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,add shortcuts for actions
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201192,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,about action in plugin mode
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201398,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,HTML documentation for workflows
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201400,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Datatype wizard in Data wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,201555,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Package wizard needed
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202074,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,umlaut bug in guard creation
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202723,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,check if open tutorial still works
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202724,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,change zoom-in/zoom-out shortcuts
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202748,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,change icons to standard eclipse icons
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202749,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbachere,hide 'open file' entry in RCP mode
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202754,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,make guardspecifications readonly
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,202755,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,change menu/toolbar actionsets to command extension points
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203118,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,"if an editor is opened, the corresponding activity should be selected"
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203119,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,activitylinknode doesn't show in the context menu
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203120,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,context menu entry 'open activity in current editor' should only be enabled if activity is not already loaded
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203121,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,disable guard description
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203133,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,add additional functions to (rcp) toolbar
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203453,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,improve guard error handling
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203465,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,sometimes the image size icons in the property view is too big
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203476,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,rename activitylinknode and structuredactivitynode
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,203478,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,add author to all files
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,204382,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,only standard icons are shown
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,204531,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,model snapshots
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,204718,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,dispose graphical viewer when sheet is closed
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205153,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Item alignment help
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205157,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Roles stay in StructuredActivityNodes if changing from technical to business view
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205160,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Notification if trying to delete role in overview tab
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205559,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Content table for html documentation
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205813,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,make first activity tab closable
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,205836,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,make sure print is only enabled when a process is selected
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206061,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,bug in enabled state of context menu entries
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206162,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Make guard selectable
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206226,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,bug in parameter passing to the simulator
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,206230,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Readme for jwt-we-doc
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207238,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,File already exists message
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207239,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,"Toolbar only filled when opening existing file, not when creating a new one"
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207241,Christian Seitz,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Remove Wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207474,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,display an error message if the file cannot be opened
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207475,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,improve guard text wrapping
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,207485,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Update to 1.4.0
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,210950,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Include pre-defined model structure
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211022,Florian Lautenbacher,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Minor feature request for new role / data / application wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211023,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Automatically select icon folder in wizards
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211026,Annette Heym,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Improve new datatype wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,211029,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Show path to file in overview page
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,213977,Florian Lautenbacher,24690 src lines,Florian Lautenbacher,Code contribution
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,214665,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,NullPointerException in WEActionBarContributor
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,214667,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,StackOverflowError in PluginProperties
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,214899,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Hide open dialogs in plugin version
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215150,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,create mylyn versions and assign bugs
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215153,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,improve guard handling
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215154,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Add additional preferences
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215155,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,fix grid options enablement
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215209,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Redesign the overview page
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215225,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,rearrange code structure
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215674,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Deletion of packages which contain references elements should be prohibited
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,215713,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Deletion of packages which contain activities should be prohibited
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216518,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,enablement errors in context menu
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216519,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,extend new workflow wizard
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216520,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,bug in create child/create sibling entries in context menu
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216522,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,nullpointerexception in palette
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216795,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,JWT WE - Deserialize error
  • org.eclipse.jwt.we,216910,Christian Saad,small,Florian Lautenbacher,Copyright information incorrect

Third Party Software

CQ2039, Jdom Version: 1.0 - top source only, does not include nested jar files (PB CQ14)

For the next version of the IP Log: Counting lines

Please consider the following email for creation of the next version of the JWT IP log:

How to count lines of code most easily, and correctly? You might want to consider using the "lcp" script to count lines in a patch:

It counts the "+" added lines only and subtracts empty lines as well as lines that only have a comment.

You're right that removing lines also constitutes an act of creativity so even a patch that ONLY removes lines is valuable. But for the application in the tm-log.csv it's more important to count how much new copyrightable stuff comes in through the patch. And that is comprised of the "+" lines only.

The script is still not perfect in the case where existing code is only moved to a different place (leading to lots of + along with the same number of - lines, which also constitutes creativity but not necessarily new copyrightable stuff). But finding out such moves is beyond the scope of what we should do when counting lines.

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