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Installer SFX

Installer SFX archives

Installer SFX archive file structure

Executable Extractor
SFX Header
Execution Information
File Information Table
Required Files Ids Table
String Table
Files Data
SFX Footer

SFX Header:

 19 bytes - signature 
  1 byte  - version
  4 bytes - number of files

Execution Information:

 4 bytes - flags
 4 bytes - id in String Table of file to execute
 4 bytes - id in String Table of arguments for file to be executed

File Information Table Entry:

 4 bytes - size of file
 4 bytes - file last modification time

Required File Ids Table:

 4 bytes - number of entries (if zero, all files must be extracted prior to execution)

Required File Ids Table Entry:

 4 bytes - id in File Information Table

String Table Entry:

 4 bytes - size of string in bytes
 n bytes - string

SFX Footer:

 4 bytes - size of archive file without SFX Footer
 4 bytes - CRC32

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