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HBX CardSpace Test Sites

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For one reason or another all three of these currently fail.

A) If you click on https://xmldap.org/relyingparty/ and then click on "send me your infocard", you should see:

Your signature was verified
You provided the following claims:
givenname: Maxim
surname: Kopeyka
emailaddress: maxim@parityinc.net

B) If you click on https://infocard.pingidentity.com:8443/infocard-sp/login.jsp and then click on the credit-card-like icon you should see:

XML Token Received from the infocard client

C) If you click on https://www.identityblog.com/wp-login.php and then click on the image of Elastigirl, you will gain access to Kim's blog