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Gyrex/Contributor Guide/Obtaining Sources

Obtaining Source Code

Our regular (primary) SCM is Git. A list of available Git repositories can be found at Contributions are welcome via Gerrit.

There are several ways to obtain a copy of each repository:

From the command line

   git clone git://
 or HTTP:
   git clone
 or SSH (authenticated):
   git clone ssh://<username>
 or HTTPS (authenticated):
   git clone https://<username>

From an installed EGit plugin

First, verify that the default repository folder as set on the main Git preference page is to your liking.

Fork via GitHub

The folks at GitHub kindly setup mirrors of Eclipse Git repos at You may fork any repository you want there.

To compile properly you will also need to setup your Target Platform.


The Gyrex web site is also maintained in Git. Contributions are welcome via Gerrit. The Eclipse Webmaster team maintains an infrastructures which publishes any commit automatically to all web servers.

   git clone git://

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