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Gyrex/Administrator Guide/Background Tasks

Background Task


Work can be scheduled among multiple queues in order to support distribution and prioritization. By default, Gyrex support a default queue and a priority queue. If you want to add additional queues, a (set of) worker must be configured at startup in order to process the queues.

The list of queues a worker processes can be set by setting the system property,,....

Note, if you define the property, you must include the default and priority queue if you still want the worker to process jobs out of that queue. Multiple workers can process different queues.


Out of the box, the job history is persisted in ZooKeeper. But ZooKeeper is not the right place for long term storage of a growing data set. Therefore, an automatic cleanup job will run once in awhile to remove old data from ZooKeeper.

Automatic triggering of the cleanup job can be disabled by setting the system property

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