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Who is building commercial products based on Eclipse?

Each member of the Eclipse Foundation has committed to delivering one or more products based on Eclipse. For example, IBM has moved almost all of its IDE products to the Eclipse Platform. At EclipseCon 2004, many companies showed exciting demos of upcoming products based on Eclipse, including several products based on the new Eclipse RCP.

In April 2004, the following companies had commercial Eclipse-based offerings: Advanced Systems Concepts, Borland Software, CanyonBlue, Catalyst Systems, Codefarm, Embarcadero Technologies, Ensemble Systems, Ericsson, ETRI (Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute), Flashline, Fujitsu Software, Genuitec, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, INNOOPRACT Informationssysteme, Instantiations, Intel, Logic Library, M7, MERANT, Metanology, Micro Focus, MKS, MontaVista Software, Oracle, Parasoft, QA Systems, QNX Software Systems, Red Hat, SAP, SAS, Scapa Technologies, Serena Software, SilverMark, SlickEdit, SuSE, Sybase, Teamstudio, Telelogic, Tensilica, TimeSys, and Wasabi Systems.

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