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FAQ 21

Can I get my documentation in PDF form, please?

Documentation for Eclipse SDK releases is available in PDF form from Obtaining PDF documentation for other Eclipse software, or for non-release builds is a bit more involved.

When you download Eclipse code, documentation is provided in the form of HTML files, made accessible through a table of contents contained in a file called toc.xml. The contents of the HTML files can be browsed and searched easily with the Eclipse help system (see Help > Help Contents). The same information can be found online at the Eclipse documentation Web site.

Converting HTML to PDF form is somewhat labor-intensive. Although tools are available, such as HTMLDOC, to automatically convert HTML to PDF, the exact selection of files to include in the PDF and in what order requires some extra work. The best approach is to start with the toc.xml file and either write a conversion script or develop an Eclipse plug-in, as is done in the tocviewer plug-in used to write this book.

Since June 2004, Eclipse downloads come with PDF versions of the documentation. Check this book’s CD-ROM or the Eclipse download site.

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