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Equinox Minutes - 20070914

September 14, 2007

Equinox Summit

  • Equinox Summit is happening in a bit more than a week
  • The goals are to encourage participation and discover affinities between participants
  • We have discussed the shape of the meeting and we settled on something resembling the ganymede provisioning workshop.

The morning of the first day, a representative of each work area will give a short introduction of the area. The type of content found in these is to be defined, but it should probably cover things like where it is, where it's going, where it needs contributions. After the presentation discussion topics in/around the area are collected from the assembly. Once the presentations are over participants will vote on the topic of interest, and will form the topic of a breakout session. Depending on the room we are planning on 3 to 4 sessions at a time. After each session, each group quickly report to the all assembly. New topics can be added after each session.

  • We need to think of a way to conclude the summit.
  • Like discussed in the previous team meeting, all team members will add on the wiki working agenda discussion topics and contribution items.

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