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Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 Category Descriptions

Part of ESE Submission Guidelines


Eclipse is rapidly evolving a widerange of runtime technologies. From the basic Equinox OSGi implementation to p2 provisioning up to AJAX platforms (RAP), object persistence (EclipseLink), whole SOA runtimes (Swordfish), and numerous other elements of the new top-level RT project. Looking more broadly, projects such as EMF and BIRT have significant chunks of technology useful in runtime contexts. At ESE this year we want to hear about these and other technologies at Eclipse that apply in the runtime space. We want deep dives that expose the power and value of the Eclipse approach, experience reports that talk about your success in applying Equinox and the Eclipse ecosystem to runtime problems and talks that point to possible futures in this unfolding story.


Eclipse is much more than a Java IDE today although this is certainly one of the flagship applications. IDEs are built for languages like C/C++, Ruby, PHP, Scala, C# and Sliverlight. There are even domain specific IDEs, such as for biological engineering and banking workflows. In addition, there are several connectors to source control systems, additional tools for specific development tasks and a number of other add-ons to simplify daily developer work. This year we'd like to hear about the new versions of the existing IDEs and add-ons, progresses for new (scripting) languages and how you created your own domain specific development environment.


Having achieved world domination on the desktop, it was only natural for Eclipse to grow into other application domains as well. This year we are looking for talks that cover usage or extension of new or existing Eclipse projects in the mobile and embedded space. Topics could include embedded-related tooling, modeling, and runtimes, in any programming language (Java/C++/Ada/???), applied to either open-source or commercial projects. We are looking for user experience reports and industry vertical solutions in interesting domains such as transportation, safety, and industrial automation. Talks covering embedded applications of the DSDP projects (DD, TM, MTJ, TmL, NAB, RTSC), CDT, and TPTP would also fit well in this category.


This category is focused on topics related to the range of Eclipse Modeling Project technologies: Meta-modeling, domain-specific languages, textual notations and diagramming, model transformation, and code generation. Submissions of particular interest will cover multiple technologies and Modeling project integration points. Of course, a range of standard talks, both introductory and advanced, on the core technologies are welcome.

Other / New & Noteworthy

Some of the best talks defy categorization. If you have a talk that does not fit into any of the other categories, submit it here. This is also the place for New & Noteworthy talks.

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