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DSDP/MTJ/EclipseME Evaluation

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Below is just an initial evaluation. It is still necessary to add more details.

EclipseME has several internal APIs that are grouped in its core plugin:

  • Launching: launch EclipseME project (also launch in debug mode). Different launch options supported (JAR, OTA our MIDlet)
  • Migration: migration of older EclipseME versions
  • Overtheair: used in ota installation
  • Packing: update jad and obfuscate using proguard. also includes signing in the jad file if the project is marked to be signed
  • Persistence: xml persistence
  • Preprocessor: builds preprocessed project
  • Preverification.builder: build and preverify the midlet suite
  • Preverifier: EclipseME preverifier. does not need the emulators preverifier
  • Refactoring: EclipseME refactoring operations (jad, midlet and midlet suite)
  • Signing: signing utility. epl code that was included in the EclipseME
  • Tools: export antenna build.xml file

There are four extension points:

  • configurations: list the configurations supported on EclipseME
  • profiles: list the profiles supported on EclipseME
  • deviceImporters: abstract manufacturer specific SDK information when adding a SDK. The main imports implements UEI. This EP can be used if the external SDK does not supports UEI
  • deviceEditors: shows manufacture specific SDK information about each device

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