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Employee JPA Example using Annotations

This is 1 variant of the Employee JPA examples which makes use of annotations only to configure the object-relational mappings.

Download and Setup


The example is available as a simple ZIP download from here. Its layout includes

  • /
    • src/
      • model/
      • example/
      • META-INF/

Eclipse Project

You can download the example projects involved directly into your Eclipse IDE by importing a team project set. Since the Eclipse project uses Subversio you will need to have your environment configured for access to the Eclipse Subversion repository. This can be accomplished using the Subversive Project. After your Subversion access has been setup you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Import the team project set
  2. Verify that all libraries are available
    1. EclipseLink 1.1.2
    2. JDBC
  3. Configure the

Feature Highlights

Running the Example

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