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EclipseCon North America 2015 Tutorial

This page provides additional resources for our tutorial at EclipseCon North America 2015: Insert Catchy Title.

The slides for this presentation will be available here closer to the conference start date.


According to YouTube, over 1 billion unique users visit their site each month to watch more than 6 billion hours of video. Now is the time for you to get involved and start marketing your software products with online videos. Creating videos of your applications and distributing them online provides an easy way to demonstrate the use of your software to aid in instructing users. Online videos also help to build a community around your product and generate useful feedback. In this tutorial, we will present the tools and techniques we have used to produce our collection of video demonstrations for the variety of plugins in our Eclipse RCP application. We will provide introductory tutorials for the (often open source) software we have used for screen capture and video editing on Linux, Windows, and OS X. Participants will then have the opportunity to produce a brief introduction and demonstration video clip of an Eclipse software tool they help develop. Attendees will be able to redistribute these videos to promote their projects however they see fit, and all participants’ clips will be combined to create a single video to provide a highlight reel look at some of the projects represented at EclipseCon NA 2015.

Attendee Resources

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Additional Resources

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