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Meeting Minutes 2015. 03. 17.


  • Zoltán Ujhelyi (online)
  • Ábel Hegedüs (online)
  • Tamás Szabó (online)
  • István Dávid (online)
  • István Ráth
  • Gábor Bergmann
  • András Szabolcs Nagy
  • Dénes Harmath (online)




    • CEP+DSE+MT engine integration is interesting over the short-term for a SoSym paper
    • website ( needs to be updated ASAP
    • Peter Lunk is working on a debugger, possibly out of scope for 0.7
      • Istvan David will collect and send suggestions
    • CPS Example
      • pull request available, should be integrated this week
      • Istvan David is working on a contribution, should be ready this week
    • DSE M1 contributions are done, M2’s main focus is the transformation API,
    • TODO Uzi forum should be renamed to VIATRA
    • TODO Abel Bator Andras’s work should be reported to Basecamp

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