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Meeting Minutes 2015. 02. 24.


  • Zoltán Ujhelyi (online)
  • Ábel Hegedüs (online)
  • Tamás Szabó (online)
  • István Dávid (online)
  • István Ráth (online)
  • Csaba Debreceni
  • Gábor Bergmann


  • new viewers, validation, testing
  • EVM related news
  • multiresourceset emfscope
  • where to document internal tools (e.g. yfiles-*)
  • problems with xtext 2.7.3 and 2.8
  • OCL2IQ questions
  • ticket / milestone review


Viewers, Validation

  • debugging done, CQ has started
  • testing will be covered by András Bátor’s work
  • Viewers documentation is outdated, needs update (especially end-user API)


0.9.1 and problems with Xtext

MultiResourceSet EMFScope

  • new feature: create and EMFScope that can incorporate multiple ResourceSets
  • motivated by Viewers, Ericsson project (UML support), Thales
  • effort estimation
  • not so much coding
  • .getNotifier() problematic: should be able to return null (breaks API contract)
  • cross-scope reference semantics is orthogonal, not affected by this feature
  • alternative idea: introduce a custom “Notifier” implementation that can wrap multiple ResourceSets
  • decision: implement in 1.0.0 M1, assigned to Dini


  • motivated by UML support
  • idea: translate derived features specified in OCL to IQPL
  • UML contains enum literals which are reserved keywords in Java (and IQPL)
  • issue tracking should continue in eclipse bugzilla, see also below
  • TODO Gaben: move ocl2iq to incquery git at, should build to -extra

Milestone / ticket review

  • VIATRA Schedule plan expected to be the same as for EIQ
  • BugZilla guidelines:
  • all issues have been delegated to the “Future” target milestones that are not planned to be released until 1.0
    • TODO everyone: please go through and check
  • general guidelines
    • M1: already ready, or can be implemented within two weeks from now
    • M2: can be implemented until 2nd week of april
    • M3: everything else that needs to be released for 1.0
  • global todos
    • revisit old LS tickets
  • risks vs roadmap
    • UI rewrite (unlikely for 1.0)
    • type inferencing: this is considered more important

EIQ bootstrapping

  • some projects in the core EIQ already use patterns, but generated code is not added to git
  • in developer Eclipse workspaces, the code needs to be generated to avoid compile errors
  • current workaround: open runtime Eclipse, import projects, wait for EIQ builder
  • possible approaches:
    • MWE workflow
    • launch config with headless build
    • m2e (problematic)
    • other

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