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Meeting Minutes 2015. 01. 23


  • Gábor Bergmann
  • Márton Búr
  • Csaba Debreceni
  • Dénes Harmath
  • Zoltán Ujhelyi


Release preparation for version 0.9

  • Gábor, Zoltán: release preparations going
    •  Next week is dedicated for testing
    • Reviewing API tools: end-user API is more or less stable, internal API (e.g. code generator, engine api for pattern matchers) has big changes. The API tools framework is not well-suited for pre-1.0 versions.

Ongoing tasks

  • Csaba: viewers refactor updated to latest master version; there is an issue of a missing notification. Code available at
  • Dénes: Rete visualizer initialized using the recipe structures of the IncQuery engines; initial version available from
  • Márton, Zoli: new engine API should work with local search; some issues needs to be fixed, it will be an ongoing effort

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