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  • Zoltán: Xtext 2.4.0 migration has its bumps
    • István: Xcore migrates as well, so we have the motivation to follow along
  • István: dynamic branch should soon be merged into master
    • known caveat: EClasses with the same qualified name will be treated the same
      • idea: raise error/ warning if there is an actual FQN clash
      • future: check if meta-elements with the same FQN are actually equivalent, and raise the error only if they are not
  • István: for IQ Viewers, consider building on the "derived objects" approach in the future
  • István: how do we inherit from Xcore?
    • it is a manually developed ecore metamodel, the xcore.xtext grammar is mapped onto it
    • extension mechanism is not expected to arrive soon
  • Zoltán: researched paperwork
    • there is a checklist for releases, IP log needs to be sent 3 weeks in advance
    • release review: demonstrate new contributions, contributors, conformance to conventions
    • István: do an action item list for the two of us
    • graduation requirements are more fuzzy (e.g. "have a good community")
  • Next week, let's review tickets and decide what to cut from the release

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