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Bugzilla cleanup policy

  • created version "0.8.x"
  • assigned version field correctly
    • M3-M4 within 0.7.x for now, Mx can be reused for 0.8.x later on
    • ---/0.8.x contains issues that are planned to be addressed
    • Future/unspec contains "future" issues

Recommended Bugzilla link for overview

Issues to be discussed

Documentation issues

Change log proposal

  • Basic API changes
    • generated package restructuring
    • MatcherFactory -> QuerySpecification
    • Matcher initialization: use IncQueryEngine and initialize it first, using .on()
    • pattern group renamed
  • Advanced API changes
    • unmanaged vs advanced engine, initialization
    • query specification: registry, use cases?
    • change processing callbacks

Open questions

  • can QuerySpecification be entirely removed from basic API docs? - yes
  • should DeltaMonitor be removed entirely from advanced API docs? - yes

Discussions with Ed

  • "Xtext 2.3 vs 2.4": Ed recommends to go with 2.4 for the 0.7 release already, create backwards compatible version only on demand
  • Preparations for the release: You need to produce a short set of slides/pages that include a summary of the IP contributions in that release. If you follow the cross projects mailing list you'll see Ed Willink posted some notes about links for querying such a summary. Best to have a look at what some other projects have done for past releases.
  • Moving out of incubation: It's too late to join Kepler for this release. As part of a release review, you can do a graduation review as well. It's basically the same thing.
  • Xcore integration: He'll take a look at our proposal (very little time before Kepler). We should opt for an extension (rather than direct modification) of Xcore, if possible.

Action plan

  • Istvan: ASAP push out M3 if possible, generate and publish Javadoc on the web
  • all: please review your M4 tickets, push to future if necessary
  • Zoli: investigate release/graduation preparations, pursue action items (slides etc)
  • dynamic EMF
    • Tomi: please synchronize the branch with current master (post-refactor)
    • Andris: please review Tomi's dynamic branch after synchronization and merge if possible
  • Tomi: please plan Xcore integration according to Ed's suggestion
  • Istvan: update the documentation (API, cheat sheet) ASAP

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