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EGit/User Guide/Project Set File

An original enhancement request bug 296082 has a sample PSF for EGit and JGit projects. Simple implementation is available for review.

If you'd like to try it:

As it's 'work-in-progress' I would highly recommend you not to use any workspace with a valuable data!

  • Download an archived update site from Bugzilla;
  • Add it to the list of available update sites (Help - Install new software... - Add... - Archive... )
  • Install 'Eclipse Git Feature (Incubation)'
  • Download a sample PSF for EGit and JGit projects
  • Import PSF (File - Import... - Team Project Set)

Import a project set file

Corner cases

Same branch VS individual branches

It's OK if all referenced projects share the same branch. Does it make sense to support individual branches (per project) like this:

Creating two (identical?) local repositories will be required to support individual branches.

Export a project set file

  • Local working copy of the project shared with CVS, SVN (as any other centralized VCS?) has a reference to a single remote repository. But it's not the case for a Git (and for any other distributed VCS?). A several remotes may be configured for a local Git repository and user should provide which one should be referenced from a PSF.

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