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EATOP Technical Meeting 20131125

Meeting Data


25.11.2013, 13:30 - 15:00


  • Daniels Umanovskis, Arccore
  • Yue Ma, Itemis
  • Stephan Eberle, Itemis
  • Stefan Voget, Continental Automotive

General information

Actually EATOP is preparing the initial contribution. During this phase, the initial contributors organize from time to time technical coordination phone conferences. All interested parties are invited to indicate their interest to join. In such a case you will be invited, too.

All interested parties are informed about the progress by mail with the help of these minutes.


  • Preparation of the initial contribution is still ongoing:
    • Actually the pllaned initial contribution is in a testing phase with focus on the serialization.
    • Planned date of the initial contribution is shifted to end of January 2014.
  • Contributors actually work on additional example plugins:
    • Arccore actually works on stability and usability of an enhanced explorer. Contribution is planned for next week.
    • Continental Automotive is close to the end of implementation of graphiti based graphical editors.
  • Model Validation
    • At Continental Automotive actually a master thesis implements the EAST-ADL constraints using OCL.
    • Arccore plans to implement basic model checks against the meta-model.
  • EATOP will be shown on the following conferences
    • 04.-05.12.2013 EATOP as part of the SAFE tool-platform presented at ITEA Summit in Stockholm
    • 05.-07.02.2014 Presentation of tool platforms EATOP and SAFE at ERTS2014 in Toulouse
    • 20.-21.05.2014 Presentation at in Munich
    • June 2014 at European Eclipse Con in Toulouse

Next Meeting

20.01.2014; 13:30 - 15:00

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