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EATOP Technical Meeting 20131021

Meeting Data


21.10.2013, 13:30 - 15:00


  • Daniels Umanovskis, Arccore
  • Yue Ma, Itemis
  • Stephan Eberle, Itemis
  • Stefan Voget, Continental Automotive

General information

Actually EATOP is preparing the initial contribution. During this phase, the initial contributors organize from time to time technical coordination phone conferences. All interested parties are invited to indicate their interest to join. In such a case you will be invited, too.

All interested parties are informed about the progress by mail with the help of these minutes.


  • EATOP has successfully fulfilled the initial creation review. With that the infrastructure of Eclipse can now be used.
  • Next step is the preparation of the initial contribution.
    • The implementation work to prepare the initial contribution is done by the company Itemis.
    • The implementation is planned to be completed until end of November.
    • The initial contribution will be taken by Eclipse foundation to run an IP check. As there are already several authors incorporated in the preparation of the code, this step may take some further time.
  • Beside the initial contribution code the contributors actually work on additional example plugins
    • Arccore enhances the explorer, works on a model analysis plugin and on the adaptation of contributions from a former student project at the Calmers University.
    • Continental Automotive prepares a graphiti based graphical editor as show case for EAST-ADL models. As a second contribution the constraints in the EAST-ADL specification will be implemented with the help of the Sphinx model validation framework.
    • The participants discussed about the implementation of mixed strings which are incorporated in several meta-models. This topic will be handled after the initial contribution has been finalized.

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