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  • Arthur Daussy, ATOS
  • Christian Pontesegger, Infineon
  • Martin Oberhuber, WindRiver


The aim of this meeting was to discuss technical solution for the new eclipse project. Agenda :

  • Eclipse Monkey Revival Vs EScript
  • Make choice about language syntax
  • Team Organization
  • Deadlines


  • Technical choices
    • The EScript project will be use a base. Cause
      • The project is more recent
      • The architecture is more clear and quite close the Eclipse Monkey one( Not difficult to integrate Eclipse Monkey contribution)
    • Eclipse Monkey contribution to migrate to new project
      • Script Tree view
      • Script Menu
      • Metadatas
      • Some work on python
      • Migrate DOMs into modules. The module will now be loaded thanks to the loadModule instruction or statically thanks to the metadata. (Next Friday meeting)
  • A new repository will be created on github waiting for integration in eclipse. First committers :
    • Christian Pontesegger, Infineon
    • Martin Oberhuber, WindRiver
    • Arthur Daussy, ATOS
  • Deadlines
    • Aim to make write the proposal before the end of September


  • Arthur
    • Create a new repo
    • Change namespace to be Eclipse compliant
    • Migrate Eclipse Monkey contribution + samples
    • Work to make python work
    • Migrate Topcased Dom
  • Christan
    • Integrat current work (debugger etc...)
    • Make maven build work in new space
  • Martin
    • Look for correct Eclipse Architecture of builds
  • Pierre
    • Find a way to integrate Jython,JRuby and Groovy interpreter into eclipse fondation (in progress with EMO)

Next meetings

  • 09/06/2013 11 am - Discuss module mechanism
  • 09/11/2013 11 am - Discuss project progress

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