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Welcome to the home of Eclipse e4's Application Services documentation.

The e4 Project represents a leap forward for the Eclipse platform, delivering vast improvements in simplicity, flexibility, pervasiveness. Inherent to these changes is a significant departure from the application services of Eclipse 3.x. This documentation provides a comprehensive guide to the application services of e4.

Please be aware that this documentation is in a developmental phase. Details can be found here.

E4 Application Services

How To Write A New Service

  1. Consult the Project Details page to gain insight on the project as a whole.
  2. Go to the Template page to see the format of the template and for an explanation of each section as well as some information regarding images and where to find / upload them.
  3. After choosing the service you wish to document, contact a major developer on that service to conduct an interview regarding that service as per the project details.