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Design ideas to solve a feature request to change the way nature can be added and removed from a project.


Reuse the Project Facets technology

I would humbly suggest that rather than trying to invent something new here that we look to reuse the Project Facets technology that exists in WTP. The usecase solved by the Faceted Project Framework are exactly the usecases that you are being asked to solve in bug 102527. We've had a few years to refine this technology and we've had very good adoption rate by companies building on top of WTP. The core api is very stable at this point and we are making progress on refining the UI api and framework UI itself for the 3.4/3.0 release.

We've had requests from people who don't directly build on top of WTP to make the Faceted Project technology available for broader use. One of the most frequent requests is "how can I turn my Java project into a faceted project". The framework itself was built from the start to not have any inherent dependencies on WTP.

More information can be provided upon request. I can even do a webex demo if that would be helpful.

Konstantin Komissarchik, WTP Project Committer

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