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DSDP/MTJ/Development Process

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Add Preprocessing Section

A Java developer has a need to create slightly different source code versions of the software. The need comes from the desire to create support for devices with different qualities or to create different features for different brands. On of the means to achieve this is to create builds based on different source code. This is done by adding preprocessing sections into the source code.

Create Debug Class Automatically

A Java developer needs to create almost always a debug class to help finding out the errors and the places for improvement in the created source code

Mark Differences Between Devices

While editing the source code, system shows differences between selected target devices

On Device Profiling

It is useful if the developer has as much information as possible about the functioning of the application during the development of the application. This can be created with debug features but also with device profiling. Device profiling collects information extensively from the use and provides this information for the developer.

Save Findings as Comments

A Java developer makes findings about the functioning of certain classes and methods during the development project. He adds the findings into the comment database in order to use them later on.

See Comments

A Java developer wants to find information about methods, classes, packages, APIs or devices concerning the project he is about the make.

See Options to Handle Fragmentation

A Java developer is creating an application to support several devices. The system knows the differences between the target devices and can offer this information to help the developer to create the code. The system offers options from which the developer can choose which best fits to tackle a certain problem.

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