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DSDP/MTJ/Create Customer Branded Build

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Use Case Specification: Create localized build

1. Brief Description

In order to control the amount of resource files in one build the java developer wants to create separate builds for different language areas. Into each build a set of supported languages are included which might cover for example a certain market.

A Java developer creates a build with a certain language support. The developer defines which languages need to be supported. The build is created based on the developer’s decisions and corrective checks are made into the build during the compilation.

2. Flow of events

2.1 Basic Flow

B1: The user chooses to create a new localization build in Eclipse.
B2: The system searches for the available localization configuration files and the localization files.
B3: The system shows the available localization configurations and also a list of all the available languages.
B4: The user defines which languages the build needs to support, he chooses
(1) one of the existing localization configuration
(2) to create a new set of languages by choosing languages from a list.
B5: The system checks during compilation that the localization code exists.
B6: The system checks during packaging that the needed localization text files exist.

2.2 Alternative flows

Alternative flow 1: The build does not include all the needed languages.
Alternative flow 1: The localization code does not exist.

3. Special Requirements

4. Preconditions

4.1 A localization support has been created
User has created localization support with at least all the needed languages. Localization support refers to the localization code, localization text, graphics, sounds and possible other files which define support for one or several languages.

5. Post Conditions

5.1 A localized build has been created
A localized build has been created based on a localization project.

5.2 A localization configuration file has been created
A localization configuration file has been created if the user did not use one of the existing localization configuration files but chose a new set of languages. The created localization configuration is reusable.

5.3 Language support is correct
The user can be sure that the language support in the build is correct.

6. Extension Points


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