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Corona Use Case Project Join

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A new team member joins a Project. The development group is using eclipse, and the Project consists of a number of sub-projects (corresponding to Eclipse projects). The new member installs Eclipse, installs the Corona Client plugin, and configures it to talk to the workgroup's Corona server. The new member then selects the workgroup's Project from a list, and watches in amazement as Eclipse initializes the project settings and checks the appropriate sub-projects out of CVS.


  • Team Member – A member of team that performs some action (create, update, delete) upon a project’s resource.


  • The Project being joined is already defined and managed by Corona.
  • The team member's Workbench has been properly configured to work on the Project.


  1. Team Member invokes user interface action to display Project Join Dialog
    1. Project Join Dialog sends request to Corona server requesting list of available projects
    2. Project Join Dialog displays lists of available Projects
  2. Team Member selects project to be joined
  3. Project Join Dialog sends request to Corona server requesting Team Member join Project
    1. Corona server handles project join request
      1. Project definition is sent from Corona server to Workbench
      2. Team Member is added to list of Project members
  4. Project Join Dialg defines Project within Workbench
    1. Workspace is properly initialized
      1. Project is created in workspace
      2. Project resources are checked out from CVS




  • Performance is expected to meet a normal user experience.


  • A team member is expected to occasionally join a project.

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