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Corona Milestone 1.0.0M10

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The focus for this milestone release is improving the out-of-box experience. This is the last milestone release for Coronas. As of M10, Corona should be functional complete. Only those new features that are a must-have will be introduced into this milestone release.


Planned Start Date Apr 9, 2007 Planned Finish Date May 4, 2007

The list of items scheduled for this release are defined within Bugzilla


Collaboration Framework


  • WSDM Enablement
  • Service start/stop
  • ContextContainer
    • Create / Update / Delete
  • ProjectContainer
    • Create / Update / Delete
    • TeamMemberRepository
      • Create / Update / Delete

Test Framework

Data Stores

  • Apache Derby (Orbit)
    • IP Approved
  • Apache Jackrabbit
    • IP Pending

Project User Experience

  • Handle Server Shutdown
  • Wizard for adding project container
    • Bug item 182712
    • Scope of the wizard:
      • Container name (required)
      • Create team repository (required)
      • Add team members (required)
      • Add repositories - projects, web pages (optional)
    • Current mechanism for adding empty container won't work; it doesn't contain the team member repository as well as a first user, so you won't be able to open such container

Can adding a new ProjectContextContainer be done manually? It seems this could be supported with documentation.

--Dennis O'Flynn

  • User Authentication
    • While opening project container there should be login dialog. Using system login name wouldn't work well in production.
    • Some password protection should also available.
    • Could it replace the login to chat.

Security has been a known open issue. We will need to build our authentication / authorization model based upon Higgins identity management. Corona plans to address security in follow-up release. Recommend continuing using the JVM “” and assume that user has already been validated by the local workstation (e.g. WinXP, Linux desktop).

--Dennis O'Flynn

  • Corona ProjectContainer Guest
    • Bugzilla item 181795
    • Not sure of this one.
    • If we would like to expose an example container at our vserver, having User_A, User_B, ... User_Z might not be a best solution. There might be conflicts - several people would login as User_A for instance.
    • So a unique temporary guest users could be added, so that they can participate fully in the container - chat, events, etc.
    • Should the guest account be automatically removed when user logs out?
  • Adding projects to container by right-click -> add to container; dragging could also be an option
    • For new we could require that the project is already shared
    • In future I think the code could identify SCM repository and use its settings to share project first, and then add to container

New features for project scope

  • Mylar
    • I liked the Mylar functionality with Corona (expert, etc). Would it be difficult to update it for Mylar provided with Europa?
  • ECF Shared Editor
    • Add an action "Start shared editor"; an event with shared editor settings is sent and others get an dialog if they want to join; if yes, session settings from event are taken
    • Seems to be simple to do :)
  • Indicator that a resource has a newer version in CVS; or at least information that there was some CVS check in
  • Showing status of resources in the whole team
    • show indicators that someone is working on a given file, some removed a file, etc.
    • probably difficult
    • problems:
      • when should the state be cleared?
      • would require some server-side state caching; otherwise when starting IDE you would always have a clear state, even though someone may be working on resources
    • would require consultation with usability experts
  • RSS viewer bug 156275
  • Calendar (iCal) viewer bug 159606
  • Project checkout to working group with container name (probably very simple) - bug 170600


  • Wiki
    • Installation guide
  • plugin - org.eclipse.corona.doc
    • Outline
      • Server-Side
      • Collaboration Framework
      • Exemplary Implementation

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