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Common Build Infrastructure/Getting Started/Build In Hudson/Job Timeouts And Contacts

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This page is currently under construction. Community members are encouraged to maintain the page, and make sure the information is accurate.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. If you see an error or omission, please feel free to edit it.


As a job owner, it's important that your job not block indefinitely. Please be courteous to other developers and write your tests so that they do not wait forever for manual input. To workaround blocking tests, or to uncover tests which are inadvertently blocking, please ensure you set a timeout on your job so it will kill itself if it runs too long.

Hudson AbortBuildIfStuck.png


To allow others to contact you should your build ever be stuck, or for any other reason, you can place default contact information in the Email Notification field.

Hudson EmailRecipients.png

Additionally, anyone explicitly listed under the Enable Project-based Security ...

Hudson Job Users.png

... can be fingered to determine their email address by first ssh'ing to using your committer ID:

$ finger nickb
Login: nickb
Name: Nick Boldt n***b****@g****.com

If you do not have access to the job's configure page, you can ssh to and look up its config.xml file if you know the job name. For example:

  • /opt/users/hudsonbuild/.hudson/jobs/cbi-linuxtools-Galileo
  • /opt/users/hudsonbuild/.hudson/jobs/cbi-linuxtools-Galileo/config.xml

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