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Current and future releases


Primary Goals

  • Implementation of a workspace server which provide developer workspaces composed of projects and environments. Environments are composed of machines powered by Docker. Workspaces configuration are persisted and portable.
  • New cloud IDE with advanced Java Features and new UI/UX.
  • New user dashboard to manage user's workspaces.
New Workspace Server
Environments with Docker-based machine
Projects injection
Workspace lifecycle management
RESTful access
SSH/Terminal access
Portability with shared access
Commands injection support
Cloud IDE
Use Orion as text editor
Remote Java Debugger
Devops perspective
New console and terminal panel
Full text search
Git diff viewer
Java Features
Java 8 support
Use JDT for Java projects
Refactoring: class, packages, attributes, methods
Navigation: class structure, jump to definition
Multi-module support
Move classes, packages
Quick fixes
Code completion
Quick documentation
Manage workspaces
Manage projects
Guided flow to create projects and workspaces
Set of ready-to-use stacks
Set of samples projects


Primary Goals

  • Better stability
  • Workspace portability improvements
  • Advanced Consoles panel
Workspace portability improvements
Workspace export with image snapshot
Management of workspace snapshot in dashboard
Workspace clone
Save environment snapshot
Ability to copy a workspace on cloud
Restore workspace in latest state
Advanced Consoles panel
Option to wrap-lines in outputs
Syntax coloration in outputs
Improved scrolling experience
Ability to open a console in another browser tab
Option to re-run a command
Refactoring workspace environment model
API to copy files between machines
Display name of currently used branch in editor


Primary Goals

  • Better stability
  • Maven plug-in
  • New Java features
  • Strutural refactoring
Maven plug-in
Resolving modules for multi-modules projects
resolve dependencies and available source jars
Custom Maven command
Improve classpath building for Maven multi-module projects
Ability to display effective POM
Resolve imports with quick fix feature
Structural refactoring
Plug-ins to be splitted into two jars: one for the client, one for the server
Split API between Che Workspace Master APIs, Che Workspace Agent APIs
New Java features
Add type hierarchy view for Java
Ability to setup format settings for Java code
Improve SSH experience
Support packages for Che to help the user to be properly setup
Associate commands with stacks
Shell syntax highlighting

Past releases

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