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November 1st, 2016


  1. Phil Mason (Broadcom)
  2. Alvaro Sanchez-Leon (Ericsson)
  3. Marc Dumais (Ericsson)
  4. Tracy Miranda (Kichwa Coders)
  5. Mikhail Khodjaiants (Mentor)
  6. Doug Schaefer (QNX)
  7. Jeff Johnston (RedHat)
  8. William Riley (Renesas)
  9. Marc Khouzam (Ericsson)


  • CDT Summit & EclipseCon Europe recap
    • Had multiple people (non-committers) show what they do with CDT
    • Overlap between needs from different companies, that would benefit from getting common functions into CDT
    • Che presentation. Very little support for C/C++
    • EclipseCon Europe is the real EclipseCon now. Lots of buzz, lots of discussion. Really worth it.
    • Attendees to the whole conference was around 620 people
    • We need to start looking at the Language Server Protocol and Orion
    • The Language Server from Microsoft for C/C++ is not open-source, we'd have to build our own or re-use some other, following the same protocol
    • There was discussions about the path toward a modern UI. SWT may not be the future, nor JavaFX. Maybe some web framework. Electron and Orion?
  • Devoxx US and CDT Summit
    • On hold for now. Need to better understand who Devoxx will attract. Summit at EclipseCon Europe may be our best way forward.
  • CDT 9.2 feature freeze Nov 14th
    • Anything missing from the N&N?
    • GDB Console N&N entry will be properly written once the feature stops evolving
    • Qt community is willing to work with us to improve Qt support
  • CDT-themed Eclipse Newsletter
    • We can use such an opportunity to promote our tools
    • Trace Compass, Red Hat, Ericsson, Renesas
    • Tracy will request the month of April for the newsletter
  • Linker Script Editor
    • Renesas is interested in providing this functionality to CDT
    • Are there any such attempts previously? Any previous discussions? Not that we know of.
  • CDT Datasheet
    • Marketing material showing the CDT as a full product, just like other products on the market
    • Still space for a couple more paragraph
    • Should have a blurb about the editor, code-completion, and all that code help stuff, look at CLion
    • Docker integration could be mentioned
    • Will be linked from our webpage once ready
    • Content could be used for our product web page
  • Round table
    • Breakpoint working group should be revived. Tracy will lead that.
    • Do we have a common 'platform' for different companies to work on the tools for multicore?
      • Ericsson is using Prallella and Epiphany as an open-source platform to show multicore solutions
      • Analog Devices OpenOCD support could be interesting
    • Does anyone have trouble building CDT with Oxygen?
    • There is a urgent need for help with Platform debug. Can someone in the CDT debug community get involved?

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