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  • Plan for Galileo
    • Managed build fixes, may need API changes, Elena to propose to list
    • Debug a few more, pending breakpoints, post mortem debugging
    • Refresh for launches is in (not in DSF), improve dialogs for path mapping
    • Post mortem debug launch clean up too
    • Version numbers for plug-ins. 6.0?
  • Plan for later
    • Static analysis framework (Elena)
  • EclipseCon
    • Good CDT presence there, a great opportunity to get new people interested in what we're doing
  • CDT Summit
    • To discuss on the list where, when, what
    • Likely needs to be hosted, i.e. free rent
    • Look for sponsorship for food
  • Actions
    • How to add plugins/features to wiki (Doug)
    • Elena to clean up components on front page of wiki
    • Doug to start documenting build model proposal on wiki, others to contribute

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