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This is the New & Noteworthy page for CDT 10.0 which is part of Eclipse 2020-09 Simultaneous Release

Java 11 or later required to run CDT

Starting with CDT 10.0 Java 11 or later is required to run CDT. This align with requirements of Eclipse IDE which also requires Java 11 to run starting in 2020-09.

Builds for Linux AArch64 (aka Arm64) added

Binaries for Linux AArch64 (Arm64) are available for testing. With the raising popularity of this architecture people can continue using the Eclipse IDE even when changing their machine. See Bug 565836.

Arduino specific plug-ins removed

The source code for Arduino (org.eclipse.cdt.arduino.*) is no longer part of CDT and is not receiving any updates. Please consider using The Arduino Eclipse IDE and plug-ins named Sloeber for your future Eclipse CDT powered Arduino development. See Bug 562498.

XLC, LRParser and UPC removed

XLC, LRParser and UPC removed components of CDT have been removed. See Bug 559474.



Code Analysis

Nodiscard checker

Added new 'no discard' checker. See Bug 534420 .


Deduction guides

Parser support has been added for C++17 constructor template deduction guide. See Bug 541239. CTAD.jpg


Deduction guides

Formatter support has been added for C++17 constructor template deduction guide. See Bug 541239. CTADFormatter.jpg


Tool-chain integration

Options of value type "libs" and "userObjs" now respect the ApplicabilityCalculator and the CommandGenerator settings. If these settings are set on your custom tool-chain integration, please make sure that the integration still works as intended after an upgrade.


Launch Bar


Terminal Serial Connection support arbitrary baud rates

Connections using the serial terminal now support arbitrary baud rates, choose from a drop-down of common and widely supported speeds, or type a custom value if connected hardware supports it. See Bug 543122.

API modifications

API Deletions and Deprecations

Please see the CDT Policy on Deprecating and Deleting API for more details of API that has been changed, removed, deprecated or scheduled for removal. In addition, the current version of the Deprecation and Removals can be previewed here

SerialPort supports arbitrary baud rates

The SerialPort class now supports arbitrary baud rates with the new setBaudRateValue/getBaudRateValue which take/return an int. See Bug 543122.

Class creation wizard

The NewClassCreationWizardPage class now supports final option. See Bug 561770.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in CDT 10.0

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