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  • Nick Boldt - RedHat
  • Michael Spector - Zend Technologies
  • Koen Aers - RedHat
  • Roy Ganor - Zend Technologies (organizer)

Moving the project under Tools top-level project

  • We propose to move the project from the Web Tools top-level project into the Tools top-level project. The move will stir up visibility to the Ajax tools. The Tools top-level project is also a natural place for tooling projects such as PHP Development Tools (PDT), AJDT, C/C++ Tools.
  • All four attendees voted +1

The four phases plan

Four phases to revive the community:

  • Phase 1 Plan:
    • Build up the infrastructure needed for collaborative community under the Tools top-project.
    • Automate the build process for the ATF project so people can be updated on our work.
    • Align the code base to the latest Eclipse stream (Galileo)
    • define the minimal set of features that are needed in order to run this project
  • Phase 2 Plan:
    • stabilization, key bug fixing
    • add "eval source" debugger support
    • introduce key experimental APIs and extensions points
    • packaging and integration with browser (and XULRunner) (pending IP review)
  • Phase 3 Plan:
    • strengthen core
    • support for latest Firefox/Xulrunner versions (technical + IP review)
    • early cross server-side/client-side JavaScript debugging
    • formalize build/test cycle
  • Phase 4 Plan: Incubation Exit requirements
    • NLS support, string externalization
    • Documentation
    • API documentation
    • Determine internal/external classes. Rename packages.
    • Remove unneeded dependencies, General cleanup of code
    • Formalize APIs and Extension points
    • Test plans and JUnit test.
    • Conform to next release milestone release plan
    • Review bug
    • Graduation Review/Requirements

Proposed Continuation Review

Continuation review is available at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dwx337f_84ch57sbfq