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Notes from Nov 20 planning Meeting

  • Attendees
    • Bob Goodman - IBM
    • Mike Kaply - IBM
    • David Williams - IBM
    • Javier Pedemonte - IBM
    • Joe McGlynn - Borland/CodeGear
    • Philippe Ombredanne - NexB

  • [CQ 1528] XULRunner Version:
    • Philippe hopes to be able to do the XULRunner builds this week. Once the builds are complete, we will submit the final code to the CQ to be reviewed by Eclipse IP.
    • David Williams pointed out that we should publish instructions on how to build XULRunnner and the patches that were applied. We will update the Wiki with instructions and the patch. Need to determine whether having the patches should also be put into CVS.
    • A note has been sent to ATF DEV suggesting that a new packaging scheme be used for the XULRunner plugins. It would reduce the number of plugins required. Philippe will investigate. If the changes is a good idea we will look at building a new set of plugins.
  • Eval support and next milestone
    • Philippe stated that Nexb will be allocation a person to finish up the eval support. It was proposed that the Eval support with the new XULRunner packaging be used as ATF next milestone. Will finalized plans at the next status call.
    • There are potentially two phases to the eval support. The first phase allows a developer to view the eval script using the scripts view. The second phase (proposal) would by comments in the code allow the eval code to be mapped back to the original file.
  • CodeGear
    • Joe McGlynn from CodeGear joined the call. Joe explained that CodeGear is using ATF in the Ruby On Rails project. That they needed to make some changes to ATF to eliminate the dependency on Java. The latest version on ATF and WST no longer depend on Java. CodeGear is contributing to both the DLTK and Mylyn projects.
    • The ATF team stated that for ATF to make progress, companies like CodeGear needed to contributed to the project.
    • One of the areas that would be interesting to work on would be to get ATF JavaScript debugger working with the Ruby debugger.
    • CodeGear is running into some reliability problems. The ATF team asked CodeGear to open up a bug with a stack trace of the problem.
  • PHP Eclipse
    • The PHP eclipse team would like to get ATF JavaScript debugger working with their PHP debugger. A prototype JavaScript to PHP debugging has been done with eh PDT project. It shouldn't be hard to map it to PHP Eclipse.
  • WYSIWYG editor
    • A discussion occurred about to bring in a WYSIWYG editor from Joomla summer of code project that is built on ATF's embedded browser. Need to work up a proposal including staff on how to make this into an Ajax WYSIWYG editor and have it reviewed by the team, community and the WTP PMC.
  • WTP 3.0 and Ganymede Simultaneous release
    • Since this was Thanksgiving week and a number of people were on vacation, this items were put off until next week.

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