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  • Attendees
    • Bob Goodman - IBM
    • Mike Kaply - IBM
    • David Williams - IBM
    • Javier Pedemonte - IBM
    • Phil Berkland - IBM
    • Philippe Ombredanne - NexB
    • Giuliano Mega - NexB
  • XULRunner - build
    • The build for all three platforms are done. The outstanding question is whether SQLite needs to be removed. Bob will check. Philippe will create a zip file containing the source by manually removing the heavy hitters in the source to attach to the CQ.
    • The plan is to move the patches and instructions for building XULRunner into ATF CVS. It is now stored on sourceforge.
  • Next Milestone
    • Eval source debugger support
      • Giuliano has built a debug test framework. Has corrected a number of race conditions in the base debug code. He hasn't started working on the eval support yet.
    • XULRunner Feature Restructure
      • The XULRunner will be changed to be one feature instead of three.
    • WTP 2.0
      • This will be the last build on WTP 2.0.
    • Latest JSDT code
      • The agreement was that ATF will pickup the JSDT code for the next planned WTP 2.0 which is scheduled in 3 to 4 weeks. Bob pointed out that build JSDT required special handling since changes have been made which make it dependent on WTP 3.0. This issue has been document on the Wiki.
  • WYSIWYG editor
    • The proposal for the editor is being written. Laurens Vandeput is the person that will work on the editor.

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